Who we are


It’s a family thing!

Dan Ohlemacher has been in the the Snack Food business for over 20 years. Ohlermacher’s Wisconsin Meat & Cheese offers our customers a delicious lower in fat and perfectly smoked high quality all beef summer sausage, so we started my own business. Our sausage is made in Wisconsin and is Seasoned to perfection and is Gluten free, Sugar Free, no MSG, Carbohydrates, Soy, Dairy or Wheat and is lower in sodium and fat.

We are a local company, family owned providing you with the best quality summer sausage and Wisconsin cheese products available.

You’ll find us at many different home shows, holiday shows and sport shows around the region in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Illinois.

So Why Ohlemachers?

Our Smokehouse-Beef-Sausage

Commitment to Satisfaction.

It’s simple – our commitment to providing a quality product. There are many companies that provide summer sausage, however many use quick preparation processes that use added fillers and artificial smoking methods that keep the cost down and unfortunately reduce the overall product quality. We do just the opposite. We naturally smoke our meet for 24 hours the old fashioned way.

We use 100% pure beef with no fillers. So yes, our product might cost a little more, but you’ll get a high quality meat product you’ll be happy to share with family and friends and will live up to that awesome taste you would expect from a summer sausage.

Our Sausage . . .

Our All Beef Sausage

Where Does Our  Sausage n Cheese come from ?

Our meat and cheese products are prepared and smoked in a meat factory in Wisconsin, prepared under our own strict guidelines. We don’t just bulk buy our meat, we go right to the processing factory and oversee the summer sausage produced by our own recipes that we then sell to you.

It also makes sense to have all our cheese products come from the home of the cheese heads, Wisconsin. You get the finest of cheeses and the finest of summer sausage.