Sausage Sandwiches


1 pkg hoagie buns
1 Half of Ohlemacher's Summer Sausage (Any flavor)
1c Chopped Green Peppers, Onions & Mushrooms (or any variety of sauteed veggies)

Take your Ohlemacher's summer sausage and remove the skin, then slice in half, then slice each half longways, creating 4 bun size quarters.

On a flat skillet brown on low to medium heat the sausage quarters(our sausage is ready to eat so no extended cook time is required, just ).  In a separate pan or on same skillet, place your favorite veggies and saute them up until good and soft.  Add any variation of olive oil that you may wish to give it some flare.

Finally, you can toast your hoagie bun on a flat skillet if you like just before your ready to serve.   Take your hoagie bun and spread any type of honey mustard or other dressing you wish, add your browned sausage quarter and sauteed veggies and serve.

Makes a great dinner OR cut up each hoagie for a great party platter.

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